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Architectural (Plastic / Metal Lettering) (Demo)

Econo Acrylic Lettering

Our Econo Line of acrylic lettering has the look and feel of cast metal letters, so they are suitable for any high end job. Made from Eco Friendly recyclable materials, they provide a beautiful finish, crisp letters with razor sharp edges that are easy to install and guaranteed for life. Provided in several font styles and over 40 colors, they are fast to produce and affordable. More durable than other plastic letters, they can stand up against any scrutiny of indoor applications and tough enough to withstand the elements outside.

Incredible Features

  • Metal Look & Appearance
  • Suitable Indoors & Outdoors
  • Available within 7 business days
  • Made from “Green” friendly plastic
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Formed Plastic Lettering

These are the original style of acrylic lettering. Formed plastic letters are extremely popular and and very durable in the sign industry today. They provide a multitude of used, these guaranteed for life letters are the standard for most businesses as well as office parks, retail chains, and anywhere there is a need for dimensional signs. Due to an inexpensive mold, we are able to easily customize the letter style and logo for the perfect 3D design. Our formed plastic letters provide the deepest dimension for the money. Because we have great pricing on our eco materials, we save money in the production which we can then pass on to you. Most orders are available within 7 business days as well.

Economic Price & Durability

  • Over 100 Styles and 30 Colors
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • UV Stable
  • Low Cost Option with High Impact Results

Cast Metal Lettering

When a sense of depth and stability is required on professional offices, colleges, universities, and government buildings, our bronze and aluminum cast metal letters offer the depth you need. With several finishes available; polished, oxidized, or anodized; you can get the classic look and deep dimension of cast metal letters for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality. Featuring more than 50 styles, with many different finishes. Our products are produced in only 8 business days and are guaranteed for life.

Quality & Affordability

  • Custom Logos are Available
  • Eco Friendly  Casting Process
  • Over 50 Styles
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Fabricated Metal Lettering

Stainless Steel fabricated letters are perfect 3D signage for retail and other areas where quality is a must. Similar lettering has been provided to some of the most popular gas corporations and accounting firms. Built to your specifications both on its face and rear in a wide variety of finishes such as: brushed, polished or painted, stainless steel letters can be produced to your required depth and size. Titanium coatings are also available with several of the color and finish options. Our fabricated letters are crafted to meet the exact requirements of the most sophisticated jobs. With lead free soldering and crisp 90 degree edges, our fabricated letters offer the technical specifications required of such letters with the topmost quality and beauty.

Stainless Steal Beauty

  • Practically Unlimited Design Potential
  • Perfect for LED Lighting
  • Not Produced Overseas
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Illuminated Lettering

Light up your sign with our lighted letter and logo products. You can choose to order simply parts of the letters (ex: face, cans) or order them fully populated, balanced and tested with LEDs and corresponding transformers. Our letter products are UL listed sub assemblies or UL recognized components, meeting all UL specifications for electric signs. Our letters are backed with our lifetime guarantee.

Latest in Illuminated Letters

  • Guaranteed to not corrode, chip, crack, or dent
  • Revolutionary deep lit low profile LEDs
  • Production within days of ordering

Display Letters

Although several of our products offer the lifetime weather guarantee, not every application requires it. We have a product line for the interior display market. You can get all your lettering and display needs from one location that understands the need for rapid delivery and top notch quality with great customer service. Offering additional finishes on lightweight materials are ideal for store displays and reception area signs. This option provides great design flexibility to produce the kinds of products you need to impress your customers.

Possible Applications

  • Athletic Stadium Interior Decorations
  • Hotel and Back Reception Areas
  • Hospital and Health Care Facilities
  • Museum and Historic Locations
  • Retail Store Easy Install

Plaques & Panels

Whether your plaques are cast, etched, architectural, or requiring ADA specifications, we can produce the seal, marker, or plaque you need in just a few business days. While many plaque manufacturers require 4 to 6 weeks, we can get your plaque ready in less than half the time.  We use a variety of methods to manufacture plaques using prime materials of the purest metals. Whether you need high grade aluminum, lead free brass, mercury free bronze, or even stainless steel , we have the metal you need to make a lasting impression. Recognizing someone for a job well done, retirement, awward, or to memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place our staff is ready to assist you.

Variety & Breathtaking Detail

  • Designs in any shape
  • Eco Friendly Process – Lead & Mercury Materials Avail.
  • Ready in 10 business days
  • Lifetime guarantee